登録費/ Enrollment Fee…

$400(一括払い/ One-time payment) 





To enroll in our program, first you must submit a highlight video along with your resume. Our scouts will evaluate these and reach out to you within 3 business days. ATO does not ask for a percentage of any of your future contracts.

However, we require a one-time 400 dollar payment to enroll our program.

After our evaluation, if we determine you have the potential to play overseas, we will send you a consent form to fill out and sign.

After your consent, we offer a 180 day refund policy. 

If, after 150 days we have not found a team for you to play on, we will give you the option of canceling your contract with ATO, and you will receive half ($200) of your enrollment fee back.  

Of course, we are always happy to keep helping you on your journey until you want to stop the program.